Easy Home Cleaning and Organization Tips

Nowadays, everyone seems to live extremely busy lives. Between family responsibilities, work, hours wasted playing online games as well as extra time needed to post heart-worthy photos on Instagram and Facebook, who the heck still has time for consistent house cleaning and organization? Not you, that’s for sure. That is the reason why we have combined this list of 10 helpful strategies to make sure your house remains clean, fresh and tip-top shape despite hectic schedule.


So, brew yourself a fresh pot of coffee as you read this article for added relaxation. Once you have successfully put your baby down to sleep after hours long cuddle, diaper changing and  maybe breastfeeding, or handled your toddler’s tantrums, try to incorporate these tips to your cleaning habit and you will definitely thank us later.

1. Wash All Bedding Frequently

Certainly, nothing can transform a bedroom instantly into a better one than a neatly made bed and fresh, clean bed sheets. You can try to develop one system that works well for you so that you can always remember to change your bedding. Some people change their sheets when they notice it to turn a bit yellowish or blackish from all the sweat.

For kids’ bedding, it is recommended that you strip the bed by 4 in the morning when someone wets the bed as well as everything is soaked in pee. Just leave the soiled bed sheets on the floor and you can deal with it later on or if you have more time. For now, just toss that fancy sleeping bag on top of their mattress for a more comfortable few remaining of hours of good sleep. When you have finally got around to washing all the peed bed sheets, you can go ahead and wash other kid’s bedding the following day.

This is a perfect timing to check the cleanliness of your bedroom. If ever you see termites and insects invading your home, call a professional residential inspector right away.

2. Keep Clothing Convenient and Organized

Whenever you are pressed for time during the morning, the very last thing that you want to do ever is dig through the drawers of your dresser or paw through the cabinets in search of something fancy to wear. One great solution to this is to keep a pile of comfortable and clean clothes near the bed so you can have an easy access to what you will wear should you need to rush to the nearest convenience store. You do not have to simply leave it there; just make sure that it is somewhat hidden yet accessible.

3. Put One Member of the Family in Charge of Folding Clothes

One way to develop a fantastic laundry system in your house is to give role to each member of the family. One person can do all the washing, someone will dry and put away the clothes, and the other will be the one to fold the clothes. In this way, when your laundry baskets are overflowing, you know exactly who to speak with. It certainly alleviates any confusion or finger pointing.

4. Keep Containers in the Closet for Your Kids’ Outgrown Clothing

Since kids grow really fast, one thing that you can do for their clothes is to store them in a bin and keep it inside the closet. You can give it to a relative or charities if you want to.

5. Have an extra concrete pad poured to stack items outdoors

With carports filling up so fast that you need to rent a storage unit, I recommend building a shop or pouring a concrete slab to store extra things that could be needed in the future. The key is saving this area for only essential things that the weather can harm. One homeowner spoke how she used concrete contractor Baton Rouge to help pour a slab.