Cleaning Your Entire Home in Less than an Hour

So you have a friend visiting you in an hour and your home is a mess? Or let’s say you have just been putting off those house chores and all you need in the world at this very moment is to get over it as quickly as possible. But, the question is, how are you going to clean your house in just an hour or less while the Baton Rouge land surveyor finishes staking out the property?


Cleaning the whole averaged-sized house in just one hour is extremely possible. However, work and focus are both needed, which means keep your smartphone away from you. Certainly, with just an hour left to clean the entire house, no any distraction is welcome when you pick up those mess and piling up those old newspapers and magazines. If you keep on moving and thoroughly follow this guide, you will have that sparkling, shimmering, and splendid home in no time at all.

Start at the Top                   

No matter what certain area of your house you are cleaning, always start cleaning from the top to down part so that dust and dirt from higher areas falls on lower areas that have not yet been cleaned. Dust off ceiling fans followed by your furniture, wiping down dirt directly on the floor. Lastly, clean the floor to remove dust and dirt.

Bedrooms: Time required – 6 minutes for each bedroom

Focus in stripping your linens and remake all beds. When you make beds, instead of hunching over tucking your bottom sheets under your mattress, try using one hand to lift its corner while you tuck the sheet with the other.

Next, clear all clutter. If you are in a hurry, you can also gather clutter in a bin or basket so you can organize it later just keep it out of sight for a while by hiding the basket in a closet.

Use a microfiber cloth and dusting spray when wiping down your furniture, working from top to bottom.

Bathrooms: Time required – 7 minutes per bathroom

Clean all your bathrooms at once by making a quick trip around all your bathrooms at home to clear counters as well spray tubs and counters with cleaner, allow the solution to sit while you work your way to clean the toilets, wiping down the outer surface of the toilet.

After that, go back to the counters and wipe down and clean the mirrors and rinse the tub as well. Come back to clean the entire floor when you are already cleaning the floor in the kitchen.

Dining and Living Rooms: Time required – 7 minutes

First and foremost, clear all clutter start in your living room or dining room starting in one corner and working around by dusting all surfaces from top to bottom. If there are ceiling fans and/or blinds, dust them first before you dust everything in your living and dining room. Lastly, use an upholstery attachment to vacuum upholstered furniture and you should also vacuum floors along with house carpeting as a part of the last cleaning process. Your floor and carpet might have some dirt that cannot be removed. And worst, maybe termite or other insects are already living in your home.