How to Make Your Home Smell Sweet and Fresh

There is something about a special scent. While you are not totally aware that it is there, if you walk into a room with a certain special smell, you are immediately hit with memories about a place or time. Remember how distinctive the house of your grandma is used to smell? You can also create that special effect in your own home, or you can simply kick a stink in your room, using these simple tricks at home.


1. Make a Stove Simmer

According to an expert interior designer, you can do this method by simply simmering water in a small saucepan, as well as adding herbs and citrus slices, like mint or lavender. The heat permeates its sweet scent throughout your home – a simple and easy trick for lovely parties or even for daily fresh scent.

2. Always Clean your Garbage Disposal.

If you notice a lingering stink, it might be the right time you check the sink. According to a professional interior designer, you can try spritzing dish soap that is lemon scented down into the disposal, and then turn it on while running the water. You can also run lime or lemon rinds through the disposal and run lots of water afterwards. If the smell is still not removed, try pouring in half a cup of baking soda alternating with warm water.

It is also the best time to check your table tops and sinks for any insect infestation. If you find any insect like termite already invading your kitchen, call a professional termite inspection service right away.

3. Strategically Place Your Candles 

Utilizing candles is a very effective way in making your home smell fresh and sweet. However, some clever placement techniques can even increase their effectiveness and efficiency. Place a few scented candles where you do not usually place them, but do not light them. You can place it in the bed sheets or linen closet, or even anywhere that fabrics might live so they can be able to absorb the candle’s sweet scent. You will not only be surprised with the scent every time you open the closet, but your sheets and linens will definitely carry the scent with them wherever you want to use them. There are many modern designed candles nowadays that come in cool yet have a long lasting aroma.

4. Bring the Outside In

According to interior designing experts, indoor plants can clean the air of your home while making your cozy haven beautiful at the same time. In addition to that, many plants offer refreshing fragrances too. Experts suggest homeowners to use Arabian Jasmine, geraniums, gardenias, eucalyptus, Cuban oregano, and even corsage orchids.

5. You Can Utilize Your Air Vents.

Try clipping a car deodorizer to the mental slats of your vent. As the air blows through your vent, the scent will spread throughout the room.

6. Turn on the Oven

Most homeowners agree, nothing beats the scent of warm baked goods. According to interior design experts, it is ideal that you purposely bake something sweet smelling on the agenda if you know some guests will come over your house. Something simple like banana bread or cinnamon rolls can actually fill your home with sweet and great old fashioned yumminess.

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